Secret Wars Battle Report, Week Two


Welcome back to the Battle Report! As the second issue of Secret Wars sets up the rules for the summer crossover, the tie-in issues have begun popping up. At Bam Smack Pow, we want you to be up to date with the biggest hits of the event, but we know it’s hard to keep up with the fifty-plus issues it would take to cover it all. Here’s what happened this week:

Secret Wars #2

What happened: A kid from Battleworld (Captain Britain’s kingdom of Upper Avalon) joins the Thors and learns about the set-up: After all the Marvel Multiverse went kablooey in last issue’s final Incursion, Doom collected pieces of worlds and made a Battleworld out of them. He’s God here, a few dozen alternate Thors are his police force, Doctor Strange helps settle matters of law, and traitors like Jamie Braddock are thrown into the zombie pits outside the wall. At the end, some surprising survivors of the pre-Battleworld era show up to raise a little Hell.

Was it good: Yes – it’s dense and wordy, but the overall setup is entertaining and pretty easy to follow. Hickman doesn’t get too distracted by the warring kingdoms he’s set up.

Is it necessary: Yes, it’s setting up the framework to understand the rest of the series.

Should you buy it: Yes.

Magneto #18 (Last Days)

What happened: Magneto and Polaris have a heart-to-heart as he tries to stop the final Incursion based on intel Namor has given him.

Was it good: It was fine, but not as good as the title usually is.

Is it necessary: Nope.

Should you buy it: Only if you’ve been following Magneto so far.

Captain America And The Mighty Avengers #8 (Last Days)

What happened: Captain America recruits the team to help him fight the Illuminati, and the world finds out about the impending Incursion, and the Blue Marvel tells the Illuminati that they’re jerks for not asking anyone else to help them until it was too late.

Was it good: Very, especially the moral outrage about how awful Black Panther’s team has been.

Is it necessary: Nope, but it does give a good global context to the first issue of Secret Wars.

Should you buy it: No, let’s save your money in case there are some really stellar Battleworld or War Zones titles.

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