What It Really Takes To Be Batman


You can build all the fancy gadgets you like, own a Batmobile, even have functional Batman armor, but that’s only part of the equation of becoming Batman. Neuroscientist and kinesiologist E. Paul Zehr talked with I09 about things required of Batman beyond material objects.

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In addition to talking about things like genetics, Zehr thinks the biggest challenge is simply the will to stick to it:

"You can make parallels to Olympic athletes who spend a decade training to finally get their gold medal or get whatever level of achievement they can make. It’s a lot of time and commitment and, to be honest, most people just don’t have that within them to stick to something like that, and that’s the big limitation."

But does that mean there is a point where it’s too late to become Batman?

"You can’t really say there’s some best-before date for trying to become Batman. You’d have somebody training for something like this where they could dovetail that training on top of all the processes of maturation and development that are going on. We’ve got the best cocktail of things going on in your body for reaching maximum potential. That would be teenage years, basically."

Check out the rest of the article at I09 for tips on actually becoming Batman (or failing that Iron Man, which might be a bit easier).

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