Will Doomsday Be In Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice?


Umberto Gonzalez, the ex-Latino Review reporter who has made a name for himself with his super hero movie scoops — one that’s allowed him to start his own site, Heroic Hollywood, which should be launching soon — has another potential one that is making the rounds this weekend. It has to do with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and a certain villain who’s already given the Man of Steel more than he could handle in the comics.

That’d be Doomsday, the monster who once killed Superman in print (he got better, obviously). Gonzalez has been taking to Instagram with his tidbits with increasing frequency as of late, and that’s where he chose to drop this one before appearing on the Shanlian on Batman podcast to discuss the character’s role in Batman v Superman as the heavy for Lex Luthor.

"THE QUESTION YOU HAVE BEEN ASKING IS FINALLY ANSWERED! WILL WE SEE #DOOMSDAY IN #BatmanvSupermanDawnofJustice?Check out Episode 31 of Shanlian on Batman where we discuss this http://shanlianonbatman.com/2015/05/16/shanlian-on-batman-episode-31-featuring-el-mayimbe/#BatmanvSuperman"

If Doomsday is in the mix, it should make fans worried that Luthor wouldn’t be enough of a physical challenge for Superman, to say nothing of a challenge for Wonder Woman and the other DC heroes in the movie. In Doomsday’s initial comics appearance, he was able to tear through the Justice League pretty easily, though the team’s roster at the time was less formidable in terms of raw power than the one Warner Bros. is putting together, which includes Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg.

Complex mentions previous rumors that Michael Shannon could play Doomsday after portraying Zod in Man of Steel, which would be an interesting twist for Zack Snyder and company, though one that deviates pretty far from the source material. He could also very easily be a CGI creation, particularly if he doesn’t have much dialogue.

In any case, it’s something for fans anticipating Batman v Superman to mull over, and another feather in the cap of El Mayimbe if it turns out to be correct.

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