Daredevil Should Be Batman…


Daredevil and Batman have a lot in common, but Daredevil’s superhero name doesn’t actually suit him that well based on his powers. Let’s see, he’s blind and uses sonar-based abilities. What does that sound like?

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As this hilarious video from Dorkly explains, Daredevil’s name totally should be Batman. I mean if anything, Batman is more a daredevil than Matt Murdock himself, given he does all his crime fighting with no special powers whatsoever (ok, besides money). As the video points out, even Ghost Rider, based on his character, is more fitting of a name like Daredevil than the titular hero himself. Of course, Batman himself isn’t horribly keen on the idea of someone else having the same name as him…

Batman.. uhh I mean Daredevil just had an excellent first season on Netflix you should check out if you haven’t already and is due for a second season sometime in 2016.

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