Marvel Teases New Marvel Universe 8 Months Later


So Marvel just dropped this teaser image this afternoon. The email it was attached to had only the following subject line: “8 Months Later …”

It’s a reference to the post-Secret Wars Marvel Universe, one that will apparently be born from the events of the event which is rampaging throughout the company’s super hero line even as we speak. No less than writer Charles Soule assured us at the recent Atlantic City Boardwalk Con that Marvel’s marketing speak was no lie, and that what happens during Secret Wars really does shape what comes next.

But the “8 Months Later” part has some significance too. At the end of Secret Wars, all Marvel titles will jump forward eight months, so when we pick up the adventures of our favorite characters, they will already have had some time to adjust to the new status quo, whatever that might be.

Time jumps aren’t uncommon in super hero comics, with DC famously jumping ahead an entire year in its fictional timeline following Infinite Crisis. More recently, Jonathan Hickman (also the writer of Secret Wars) looked ahead in both Avengers and New Avengers during the “Time Runs Out” arc so he could tell the story of what was happening that led to the final Incursion seen in Secret Wars while other titles were going about their business.

As for the “All-New All -Different” tag line, we’ve seen that used for the Avengers tale we saw during Free Comic Book Day, but I seriously hope it doesn’t catch on for every book. Things are different. We get it.

More on all this in the weeks to come, no doubt.

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