Supergirl Pilot Already Leaked Online


In what must be some new kind of record, the pilot episode of Supergirl, not due on TV until November, has apparently already popped up on piracy sites.

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Variety first reported the news, saying that the Supergirl pilot could be viewed in HD and without watermarks. The number of people who have already (illegally) downloaded the episode is already into the six digits.

What is hinted at in the Variety article without being explicitly expressed is the idea that CBS might have leaked the episode on purpose to drum up some buzz. The network didn’t comment when asked about it and probably wouldn’t admit to it, but it’s an interesting notion. The super hero TV space is getting increasingly crowded, and returning shows like Arrow, The Flash and Agents of SHIELD all debut earlier in the fall.

CBS holding Supergirl until November when its Thursday NFL games are finished allows the Girl of Steel to have the spotlight to herself but also runs the risk of the general public forgetting it’s coming. What better way to keep Melissa Benoist and company in the general consciousness than to make sure people can get an advance look at the pilot all summer long?

We don’t indulge in leaks here at Bam Smack Pow, so unless CBS ends up owning this one and putting it out officially, we’ll tell you what we think of the pilot in November.

(via Variety)

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