25 Greatest Moments In Avengers: Age Of Ultron

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Do You Trust Me Now?

At Avengers Tower, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner plan to place JARVIS’s AI into Ultron’s newly created body.  However, Quicksilver arrives and uses his super-speed to disable the lab’s machines.

Little does the team know, Thor had a vision involving the Mind Stone which is now embedded on the body.  Thor arrives and uses Mjolnir’s powerful lightning to animate the body which now calls itself “The Vision.” The Vision believes that all life is sacred and proclaims allegiance to the Avengers.  But the Avengers aren’t buying it after the debacle with Ultron’s creation.

In a surprising move that provides a great payoff to the initial scenes of each Avenger attempting to move Mjolnir, Vision effortlessly and nonchalantly lifts and hands the legendary hammer to Thor, proving that Vision is truly worthy and that his intentions are noble.

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