Arrow Star Stephen Amell Makes Appearance On WWE Raw


So you’re sitting there watching WWE Raw on Monday night, enjoying the show and minding your own business and … holy crap, it’s Oliver Queen!

Not Ollie, exactly, but TV’s Stephen Amell, the man who plays him. Amell was ringside for Raw at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum Monday night, even getting slightly involved when he got into a staredown with WWE wrestler Stardust. It wasn’t completely unprovoked and unexpected, as the two had exchanged a few barbs on Twitter earlier in the day.

I can’t be alone in thinking it would have been awesome had Amell been given a more significant role, but alas, he didn’t get to beat anyone down Arrow-style. Color commentator JBL did make a reference to the show that suggested he had at least seen it a time or two, telling Stardust after he lost his match to Neville that he had “failed this city.”

Also, Neville’s finishing move is called the Red Arrow, which isn’t a reference to Roy Harper as far as I know, but it certainly could be. I was much more excited to see Amell on the show than the cast of Entourage (though Adrian Grenier did play Aquaman in the movie within the show, so he can’t be all bad), and I’m probably not alone there.

Updates coming if Amell does get his hands dirty before the end of the show. Sinceriously.

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