Man Builds Usable, Fully Retractable Set Of Wolverine Claws


When a video is titled “DIY X-MEN WOLVERINE fully automatic claws,” it shouldn’t surprise anyone that it’s racked up over 7 million views on YouTube. That’s especially true when the video delivers on its promise, which is an honest to goodness set of claws that Wolverine would be proud to call his own. You know, if he wasn’t currently dead.

Colin Furze gleefully shows off his claws in the video below. They look quite sharp, actually spark if you clash them together, and are no doubt insanely dangerous. Unlike some other DIY super hero tinkerers on the internet, Furze doesn’t go into detail on how he made the claws in the clip in which he shows them off, but he has a separate video where he explains his design decisions and his techniques. You can check that out by scrolling down to the second video.

I’m not handy at all, as my high school shop teacher can confirm, but I can tell you that the claws work by sliding on custom built rails that uses bursts of compressed air to either extend or retract the claws. A metal plate underneath the rails keeps the claws from slicing up Furze’s own arms, and a backpack holds the air he needs to make it all work.

As TechCrunch explains, other tinkerers have been able to make claws that extend, but retracting is the tricky part. Kudos to Furze for being the first guy to figure this out, and lest you worry that he’s showing favoritism to mutant heroes, you can watch his Pyro video and see how he comes through for the bad guys.

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