Suicide Squad Leak Shows Joker On The Run From The Batmobile


There’s been no official word on whether or not we can expect to see Batman in the Suicide Squad movie, but thanks to leaked video from the set, we know his famous ride will be representing.

The following video comes courtesy of the ernievicente Instagram account, which caught the Joker fleeing on the streets of Toronto (that’s in real life, not in the movie) with the Batmobile hot on his tail.

Have to love the Joker driving a car that matches his preferred suit color. I’d expect nothing left.

So does that mean we’ll have Jared Leto as the Clown Prince of Crime facing off against Ben Affleck as the Dark Knight? Sure looks like that, unless the scenes are shot so that Batman never gets out of the Batmobile.

We’ll also have to echo the thoughts of others that the security on the Suicide Squad set doesn’t seem to be the tightest, with images and videos like this one flowing out at a steady pace. It’s quite possible that Warner Bros. is in full “any publicity is good publicity” mode, and for snippets like this, it’s hard to argue against that strategy.

Batman chasing Joker in a souped-up purple sports car? Yeah, we’re on-board for that.

(via USA Today)

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