Get A (Very) Brief Look At The Guardians Of The Galaxy Animated Series


If you’re looking forward to the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy animated series on Disney XD, here’s some good news: you can get a very brief preview of what’s in store, though the clip features only two members of the team. I won’t tell you who they are, but one kind of resembles a certain Earth mammal, while the other is the only Marvel super hero you can grow in a pot.

Jokes aside, the Summer 2015 Preview for Disney XD, which you can see below, has a quick look at Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s just long enough to make you feel like the writers have a good handle on Rocket Raccoon’s personality, as he seems to relish being behind the controls of a starship and unleashing full bursts from all of its weapons.

He’s doing so to save Groot, who gets to speak his now famous line of dialogue not once, but twice. The voices sound great, and the animation quality looks top notch.

What we don’t get is an exact release date. It’s long been Disney’s assertion that Guardians of the Galaxy would debut in the summer of 2015, and having it in the summer preview sure reinforces that idea.

We’ll be sure to let you know more when we find out. Until then, enjoy a brief look at the galaxy’s two most heroic buddies. Just skip to the 1:45 mark if you want to get right to the Guardians.

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