The Deadpool Movie Is Done Filming


Deadpool might fool around a bit while tackling the villain’s of the Marvel Universe in his own unique style, but director Tim Miller and 20th Century Fox certainly weren’t messing around while shooting his solo movie.

Star Ryan Reynolds tweeted this morning that the movie has wrapped up its shoot, meaning his job playing the Merc with a Mouth is done for now.

Though Deadpool had, shall we say, not the greatest introduction to movie fans in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (a nicer way of saying Fox flubbed it pretty badly), the Deadpool film should be much more in line with what comic book fans have come to expect from Wade Wilson. To his credit, Reynolds appears to have been a driving force behind getting the tone correct.

Now the only question is what, if any, push Marvel will give the character. Deadpool is currently dead in the comics, and while the current Secret Wars event might provide a way for him to rejoin the living, Marvel has been unwilling to give any X-Men characters the spotlight thanks to its ongoing enmity with Fox. While not usually an actual member of the X-Men, Deadpool certainly falls under that umbrella, and it would not surprise this writer is Marvel simply kept him dead until the movie has finished its theatrical run.

For now, it’s on to post-production work for Deadpool, which is due in theaters on February 12, 2016.

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