The Wicked + The Divine Coming To Television


“The Wicked + The Divine Is Coming To the Small Screen!”

If you have not heard of the graphic novel The Wicked + The Divine, you are behind the curve. It was named the best comic of 2014 (at the British Comic Awards), and has earned tons of other well-deserved accolades. It was only a matter of time before Hollywood would get in on this good thing. From a Deadline interview with Kieron Gillen, the co-creator/writer of the graphic novel, The Wicked + The Divine, it looks like Hollywood could very well be the next stop for this. Here is what Gillen had to say:

"We’ve got agents and we’ve got quite a lot of Hollywood interest. I think it would probably suit a TV series better. If you were going to do it as a movie, you would have to cut down the cast I think. But if you did it as a movie, you could make the fights quite incredible."

Well, Gillen is getting his wish!  Universal Television has optioned the rights to the series and will soon be developing a TV show. This is the right avenue to take with a graphic novel series like this. I mean, a feature film would be great. There is more money involved, a larger audience, better set design, and special effects —  thinking on a grander scale, a film could be very advantageous. However, on the small screen, the plot can be explored in great detail. Fans will be less likely to think about what will be left in or taken out of the story

It is possible a movie would take away some of that detail that makes this story so great.  I’m not staying there has to be a strict adherence to the source material, but there are some important things that I know fans would expect to see. Would you like to see The Wicked +  The Divine brought to the big screen? Small screen? Or not at all?  You be the judge!

Source: Deadline

Pictures: Google Images

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