EW Reveals Latest Ant-Man TV Spot


Ready for more Ant-Man footage? Marvel obviously feels like the more glimpses of Scott Lang the better, as it’s been aggressively promoting its next Marvel Cinematic Universe outing, and it gave Entertainment Weekly a chance to exclusively debut the latest TV trailer.

You can hit that link to see the clip before we get bombarded with it on television. Much of it is footage that has been included in previous trailers, though there’s an amusing showdown at the end of it with some folks who don’t seem too impressed with the Ant-Man suit until they get an up-close demonstration of what it can do.

There’s also a nice bit with Hank Pym (played by Michael Douglas) explaining why he thinks Lang (Paul Rudd) is the right man to wear the costume. Namely, it’s because he’s “skillful, agile and fast,” characteristics honed by his time as a thief, that make him an ideal candidate. One suspects that Pym sees something inside him too, some character traits that hint at his ability to become a true hero.

Given the pattern so far, this might not be the final clip to hit TV before it’s all said and done. Ant-Man is headed to a multiplex near you on July 17.

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