Canon-Shaking Star Wars #6 Returning For Second Printing


Star Wars #6 which came out this week has an incredibly awesome fight scene between Luke Skywalker and Boba Fett illustrated by John Cassaday. Yet that’s probably not the reason why Marvel announced today that the issue is going back for a second printing.

No, I’m pretty sure it has to do with Jason Aaron adding a major new twist to the Star Wars canon, in the form of a new character whose relationship to Han Solo is one you’ll never see coming. Or at least I sure didn’t.

You can get the scoop on our sister site, Dork Side of the Force, if you want to know who it is. We’ll keep it spoiler-free here, but suffice it to say that the reaction has been pretty impressive. Marvel is saying that Star Wars #6 is “an issue that has to be seen to be believed,” and it’s not just promotional hype in this case.

I advise getting your paws on one of the first print run copies now if your LCS still has any available. If not, you can look for the second printing to hit stores with the cover shown below on July 8. I didn’t want to say it, but I’m going to: the Force is strong with this issue, indeed. Sorry, I just had to do it.

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