Special Edition: NYC 2015: Marvel Panel Schedule


Bigger isn’t always better. It just depends. For instance, New York Comic Con is great, and it’s the biggest event of its kind in North America. But sometimes you want a slightly smaller, more comics-focused show, which is why Special Edition: NYC is so nice. Even though it’s smaller, Marvel is bringing some serious talent to its panels, making both of them worth your time.

So what’s in store for people heading to Pier 94 in New York City this weekend? Here’s a look at Marvel’s contributions to the programming schedule:

Marvel Special Edition: NYC 2015 Panel Schedule

Saturday, June 6

What: Marvel: Next Big Thing
When: 10:30 am
Where: Theater 1
Who: Manager of Talent Relations Rickey Purdin, Sales & Communications Administrator Chris D’Lando and writers Brian Michael Bendis, Marguerite Bennett, Peter David and Charles Soule
Why: To find out about some of Marvel’s newest series, including some from the Star Wars universe. Remember, Lando isn’t a system, he’s a person.

Sunday, June 7

What: Marvel Unlimited+ Member Only Panel
When: 10:45 am
Where: Theater 1
Who: Executive Editorial Director of Digital Ryan Penagos, plus creators Marguerite Bennett, Peter David, Charles Soule and Ramon Perez
Why: It would be silly not to if you are a Marvel Unlimited+ member, considering an exclusive event like this is one of the top perks. Not only will there be a private panel, but free merchandise, sneak peeks of upcoming comics and a Q&A session are all part of the fun. Members only; must show membership card, photo ID or confirmation email for admittance.

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