Drew Powell On Gotham’s Success


No matter what you might think of it, there’s no arguing that Gotham is an incredibly popular show. Aside from Empire, it was was easily Fox’s biggest hit of last season, being one of the most watched shows in that network in nearly 15 years. Drew Powell, who plays Butch on Gotham, talked about why he thinks the show is such a success.

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"I’m biased because it’s my job. But I think it works because it tells the story of not just Batman. It tells the story of this entire city. Also, people love bad guys. And that’s the other interesting thing. You get the history of bad guys, from the Penguin to the Riddler or the Joker. This season is going to delve into more of the Riddler’s story — that’s what I hear — and maybe get into some of the Joker stuff. I hear they are bringing in some new bad guys. So there is a lot of stuff to mine there, a lot of gems to mine there."

While Gotham certainly has issues, I do believe it’s a pretty decent show with good potential that like many shows will really hit its stride in its second season, which premiers this Fall on Fox!

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