Dwight Howard Goes From Superman To The Flash In Houston


Remember when NBA star Dwight Howard was all about Superman? He even sported a Superman cape while winning the NBA Slam Dunk Contest with the Orlando Magic, but his days as the Man of Steel are so 2008, apparently. Now he’s representing for the Fastest Man Alive, as evidenced by his custom ride pictured above.

TMZ reports that Howard recently had his 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat customized with the colors and logo of the Flash. Not only is the instantly recognizable lightning bolt visible on the headrests, wheels and gas cap, but the car even has a lighting system that shines the symbol on the ground when someone opens one of the doors. So … like the Bat-symbol in reverse, maybe?

Our guess is that Howard picked the Flash because his costume so closely matches the Houston Rockets’ uniforms, not because Dwight actually fancies himself as a super-speedster. Truthfully, his game more closely resembles Superman or even the Hulk, though Howard appears to be a DC guy first.

CBR’s Robot 6 blog amusingly points out that just like in the comics, the NBA Flash identity is actually a legacy since Dwyane Wade used to call himself that too. And those Miami Heat uniforms also have red and yellow in them, so it all works.

(via TMZ by way of Robot 6)

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