The Flash: Killer Frost Coming “Very Soon”, Vibe Too?


Even though fans with knowledge of the super-powered alter egos of Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow have suspected we’d see them as Vibe and Killer Frost eventually, The Flash played it pretty close to the vest in that area during Season 1. Since both characters were supposedly safe from the effects of the particle accelerator that turned so many people into meta-humans, there was no reason to suspect that anything was amiss. Only the late season revelation about Cisco’s memories of deleted timelines and Eobard Thawne’s confirmation that they meant something more have given us any reason to think the status quo would change.

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Still, people involved with the show have been hinting that Killer Frost and Vibe would be on the way sooner or later, and DC’ All Access just got some of the most direct confirmation to date. Danielle Panabaker, who plays Caitlin, left no doubt that she’d be showing off some cold-based powers pretty quickly.

"Yes. You will see Killer Frost very soon, actually."

Carlos Valdes played things a little more cagily when asked a similar question about Vibe, though his response still hints toward a need for a code name for Cisco in Season 2.

"I can say that some questions about the Vibe mythology will be answered. That’s all I’m going to say."

That’s okay Carlos, that was still plenty.

Given the heavy emphasis on time travel and alternate timelines in the stretch run of Season 1, there’s definitely an open question about whether Killer Frost and Vibe will become a reality in the show’s main continuity. I can’t be the only one who would hate to see Caitlin go over to the dark side, so the hope is that perhaps there’s another Earth where she sacrificed herself to save Ronnie Raymond instead of the other way around, or something similar.

Regardless, it should be interesting seeing Cisco and Caitlin continue to grow. Watch the entire DC All Access video below to see more with Panabaker, Valdes, Grant Gustin and other cast members for even more juicy insights.

The Flash sprints back onto The CW Tuesday nights at 9 pm this fall.

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