X-Men: Apocalypse Could Have Storm Rocking The Mohawk


X-Men: Apocalypse is shaping up to be a jam-packed nostalgia trip for fans of Marvel’s mutant heroes. That’s especially true when it comes to the way the X-Men look, as director Bryan Singer has been generous about showing how various characters are going to look like they just stepped out of the comics. For Storm, who’s had multiple trademark styles over the years, it could mean going to her most radical haircut.

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Singer posted the following photo to Instagram over the weekend, showing actress Alexandra Shipp with her hair shaved almost all the way down to the skin:

As Comic Book Resources speculates, it could be that Shipp simply needs a wig since she doesn’t share the same hair color as Storm (and not many people do). However, the more exciting speculation is that it’s Shipp getting ready to rock the mohawk that Storm made famous in the 80s.

Writer Chris Claremont and artist Paul Smith weren’t even serious about giving Ororo her punk look, but it stuck for quite a while in the comics, and it was uniquely appropriate for some of the X-Men stories of the time, including her time leading the Morlocks and her battle with Cyclops for leadership of the team.

In any case, it’s an eye-grabbing visual, and that’s why I wouldn’t be shocked if Singer is leaning this way. X-Men: Apocalypse is due in theaters on May 27, 2016.

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