Kyle MacLachlan Would Be Up For Agents Of SHIELD Return


Agents of SHIELD has received some great scenery-chewing performances from its guest stars so far. In Season 1, it was Bill Paxton as John Garrett, delightfully unhinged as a kind of prototype cyborg. The sophomore campaign had Kyle MacLachlan feature prominently as Calvin Zabo, Skye’s real father and not all there upstairs himself. It was a zany, energetic turn for MacLachlan, but one that appeared to have a defined end to it when Cal ended up mentally reprogrammed and living life as a veterinarian in the season finale.

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The actor has moved on to another high profile project you might have heard about: the Showtime revival of Twin Peaks. Yet he remains open to a return to Agents of SHIELD if the writers need Mr. Hyde again, noting to Zap2it that perhaps there was a reason they didn’t just kill Cal off.

"I was sort of expecting as we got closer to the end that he was going to go out in a big ball of fire or whatever. That wasn’t the case. They found the way to sort of give him a life and left the door open."

While MacLachlan says no one from the show has discussed needing his services again, it’s intriguing to think that’s even a possibility. It certainly wouldn’t be out of character for Zabo to seek out his Daisy again if he ever gets his memories back, and he definitely has some anger issues, so … Let’s not close the book on Cal just yet, eh Agents of SHIELD producers?

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