Preview: Endless Conflict In Civil War #1


The end of the original Civil War Marvel event never sat well with me. Not that it was out of character for Captain America to surrender, seeing that the battles were costing more than a victory in principle would achieve. It just stank because the story just … ended. Abruptly at that.

Charles Soule and Leinil Yu are fixing that by taking the concept to its logical extreme. It’s not just exploring what would have happened if Steve Rogers would have pressed the fight, but how the world would be affected if the super hero Civil War was still raging years later. Eventually, it follows that the conflict would spill over into the lives of ordinary people, and that almost everyone would be forced to choose a side.

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Civil War #1, due in stores and on digital on July 1, tells that particular story. Six years after the Registration and Anti-Registration factions first traded blows, there is now the Blue, led by General Steve Rogers, and the Iron, headed up by President Tony Stark. Oh, and their continuing struggle is taking place on the Secret Wars Battleworld.

Here’s what Marvel says to expect in Civil War #1:

"When peace has failed, both sides will attempt to end the war once and for all! What is the top-secret Project Bellcurve and does it really hold the key to ending the war in one swift stroke? What damning data could undo President Stark’s administration from within? And worst of all, what unseen enemies seek to exploit the Superhuman Civil War for their own gains?"

If you cared about the original story at all, you’re going to want to check this alternate take out. Keep on scrolling for a quick preview, and look for Civil War #1 to kick off your July reading in just a few weeks.

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