Whose Side Will Black Panther Take In Captain America: Civil War?


(NOTE: This article contains rumors for Captain America: Civil War that could turn out to be spoilers if they pan out. Be forewarned!)

Fans of Marvel’s Black Panther are no doubt ready to Chadwick Boseman play the hero and king for the first time in Captain America: Civil War. Of course since the plot of that movie involves a rift in the super hero community highlighted by a falling out between Captain America and Iron Man, it brings to mind a paraphrase of the tag line from the comic book series of the same name: Whose side will Black Panther be on?

JoBlo thinks it knows the answer. While T’Challa will have his own motivations, the website says he will be “more on the side of Stark than Rogers,” at least initially. That suggests he could change sides later in the film, perhaps having a change of heart like some heroes did in the comics.

Speaking of the source material, siding with Iron Man would be a departure from the Civil War Marvel event, which saw Black Panther and his then-wife Storm help out Cap’s Anti-Registration forces. However, T’Challa was also a member of the Illuminati alongside Iron Man for quite some time, and the two men share a scientific bond at the very least.

The JoBlo article also contains rumors of numerous costume changes to heroes including Captain America, Hawkeye, Falcon and Ant-Man that make it sound like they might get ever closer to resembling their comic book counterparts. All of these tidbits should be placed firmly in the rumor category for now, but it’s worth reading the entire piece if you don’t mind having some cool developments potentially spoiled for you.

Captain America: Civil War is filming now in preparation for its May 6, 2016 release.

(via JoBlo by way of Comic Book Resources)

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