5 Actresses To Play Supergirl In The DC Cinematic Universe

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The former model turned actress’ only acting credits include 2013’s Carrie and 2011’s Three Musketeers. Not much in the way of experience, but that’s not a bad thing. Adding fresh young talent to the mix always livens things up. Why cast a star when you can make one? Not to mention, having an actress that can learn and grow with the role can build a sense of loyalty with the fans and the franchise. While I haven’t seen much from her, I wouldn’t mind giving her a chance. She definitely looks perfect for the part!

Do you think there is hope of a cinematic future for Kara Zor-El? I know we just got a victory with Wonder Woman,  so maybe that means Kara Zor-El may not be too far behind? It’s too soon to tell, but not too soon to hope!

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