Designing The City Of Gotham


In Gotham, the city of Gotham itself is as important a character as any other star of the show, so the look is incredibly important. Production designers Doug Kraner and Richard Berg talk about how they designed a Gotham that’s not the same one we’ve seen before but still retains familiar elements.

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In the video below Kraner and Berg talk about how Gotham has an “overwhelming sense of foreboding to the whole atmosphere.” And how “Gotham is not a happy place when we find it.” They also talk about trying to make specific locations in New York, where they film Gotham, feel like the city of the future Caped Crusader, specifically looking for anything that feels like “old New York”. They also hint that “Smoke goes a long way” in achieving that look:

Whatever you think of the first season of Gotham, I think it’s an easy point to argue that one of the highlights of the show is how great it looks. I look forward to more of that when the second season premiers on Fox this Fall.

h/t Variety

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