The Flash Season 1, Arrow Season 3 Blu-Ray Release Date Info


Mark your calendars and make room on your shelves now, because Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is bringing Season 1 of The Flash and Season 3 of Arrow to Blu-ray and DVD on the same day.

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You’ll be able to grab both of The CW’s super hero shows on disc at the same time, which is fitting since The Flash spun out of Arrow and the two series continued to be linked to each other throughout the last few six or seven months. The recently completed seasons of both shows will share a Blu-ray and DVD release date of September 22, putting them in stores just before they start back up again this fall.

The Flash: The Complete First Season contains all 23 episodes from the debut campaign of the Fastest Man Alive, along with three hours of extra content, for a suggested retail price of $60.10 on Blu-ray (four discs) and $59.98 on DVD (five discs). Extras include audio commentary from the creators, deleted scenes, a blooper reel and multiple featurettes, including a screen test with Grant Gustin (Barry Allen) and guest star Emily Bett Rickards (Felicity Smoak). The Blu-ray package also comes with HD digital copies of each episode.

Similarly, Arrow: The Complete Third Season packages all 23 episodes of Season 3 together on five Blur-ray or four DVD discs for the same SRPs. Follow the adventures of Oliver Queen as he deals with a shocking death and multiple plot twists that establish the most unique threat to Starling City to date. He gets help from his trusted friends and a new, Atom-powered hero as well.

The Arrow extras include a look at how the show’s costumes were made and the creation of Nanda Parbat for TV, plus multiple audio commentaries, a gag reel and deleted scenes. Like The Flash, the Blu-ray set throws in digital HD copies of every episode.

Naturally, if you can’t wait to plunk down your money for these shows, you can pre-order both The Flash and Arrow right now. We’re into streaming as much as the next guys and girls, but there’s something to be said about having hard copies of certain series, and the DC super hero shows definitely qualify.

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