Marvel, Comixology, Amazon Announce Exclusive Single Issue Digital Comics Deal


Marvel and Comixology are sticking together.

Even though the digital comics landscape continues to be a fluid one — and the not insignificant fact that Comixology was acquired by Amazon last year — the two companies agreed to continue their partnership, announcing today that Comixology will remain the exclusive distributor of individual issues of Marvel comics in digital form. The new agreement means that Comixology will be the place to go for English-language single issues at, while the company’s technology will continue to power the Marvel Comics app and the Marvel Digital Comic Shop online.

On top of that, more than 12,000 individual digital issues are available via the Amazon Kindle Store as of today, which makes sense given the Amazon connection.

“After Amazon’s acquisition of comiXology in April of 2014, we collectively saw a great opportunity to expand our relationship and create more ways for fans to access Marvel’s vast library of characters as well as leverage comiXology’s technology, together with Amazon’s incredible consumer focus and reach,” Peter Phillips, EVP of Interactive and Digital Distribution at Marvel Entertainment, said in a press release.

Other companies can still offer access to Marvel’s trades and graphic novels. Scribd, for example, provides a limited selection as part of its monthly subscription book and comics service, something that does not appear to be affected by the new Comixology agreement.

Still, this is a big deal, and one that defines how people will be enjoying monthly Marvel fare in digital form for the foreseeable future.

““Marvel, comiXology and Amazon are committed to bringing Marvel’s amazing stories to current and future Marvel fans across the globe,” David Steinberger, CEO of comiXology, said in a press release. “And this historic extension of our relationship with the expansion of Marvel’s single issues to Amazon’s Kindle platform is an enormous opportunity to reach more fans.”

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