Gotham Season 2 To Add Amygdala?


The second season of Gotham is shaping up to be filled with even more Batman villains than the first. We already know we’ll see at least some incarnation of Joker, Mr. Freeze, Clayface and possibly even a young Harleen Quinzel along with the return of characters such Penguin & Riddler. Now one more, possibly more obscure villain has been added to the list.

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Unless you are really into the comics side of Batman, you may not have heard of Amygdala (I certainly have not before now). Amygdala is named rather ironically after the part of his brain that was removed. Due to medical experimentation, he has limited thought capacity and often goes into uncontrolled rage. Amygdala also has near superhuman strength, so combine that with out of control anger issues and you’ve got one big problem. And E! is claiming that Amygdala is indeed coming to Gotham in season 2.

Will Gordon be able to deal with the rage and strength of someone like Amygdala? Well we better hope so because Bruce Wayne can’t really be Batman for at least 5 more years. Gotham’s second season premieres this Fall on Fox!

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