Secret Wars Battle Report, Week Seven


Welcome back to the Battle Report! This week, Marvel launched a couple of tie-in books covering detectives and detention while an old man and a young woman said goodbye to the old 616. Bam Smack Pow is here to help you figure out which tie-ins you need to appreciate the main storyline and which titles are probably pulling your money away from better books.

Thors #1

What happened:  Ultimate Thor, Beta Ray Bill, Storm, The Destroyer, Groot, the Thor of Egyptia, and a racist Thor named Runey are investigating a serial killing, and Loki tips Bill off that all of the victims are multiversal variations of Jane Foster. Then someone murders Bill.

Was it good:  Amazing. Pick Of The Week good. Best cop book since Gotham Central or Powers.

Is it necessary: Probably not necessary, but the Thors have shown up in most of the crossover’s books at least once, and Captain Odin references the Quarantine over in X-Tinction Agenda.

Should you buy it: Yes. I don’t send you to too many tie-ins, but I’m going to send you to this one.

Old Man Logan #2

What happened:  Logan climbs above the Shield wall, and a Thor blasts him off of it. He lands in the Age of Apocalypse and flees Sabretooth only to lead the villain into the headquarters of Magneto’s X-Men. Neither Logan nor the X-Men know they’re on Battleworld, which is a stark contrast to the books like A-Force and Captain Marvel where the characters know all about Doom and his world.

Was it good:  Not as good as the first one, but the story is still compelling and the Sorrentino art exquisite.

Is it necessary: Maybe – Wolverine is certainly making a large tour of the Warzones, and he’s already been referenced by a throwaway line by Sheriff Strange in Secret Wars 3.

Should you buy it: Yes.

Runaways #1

What happened:  At the Doom Institute For Gifted Youths, the students are making teams to fight to the death in Final Exams to become Doom Elite. Bickering teens like Pixie, Jubilee, Cloak, Dagger, Molly Hayes, and Amadeus Cho are sent to detention by hall monitor Winter Soldier and have to make their own team for the Exam.

Was it good:  Excellent. The humor Noelle Stevenson shows in beloved work like Nimona and Lumberjanes is in full effect but matured to reach the age of her protagonists.

Is it necessary: I want the Doom Elite to actually show up in any other book, but since they haven’t yet, I’m going to say no.

Should you buy it: No, but fans of Marvel’s teen characters will really enjoy this one.


Squadron Sinister #1

What happened:  The Squadron Sinister has been annexing areas of their Warzone by brutally murdering other superteams, such as J. Michael Straczynski’s Supreme Power team, so Doom sends an Iron Man member of the Thors to inspect. Iron Thor ends up dead, and Hyperion and Nighthawk have trouble putting their scheming aside long enough to solve the crime.

Was it good:  Yes, in a dark and gory way.

Is it necessary: Marvel has said that this team of superpowered psychopaths will be sticking around after the Wars, but I don’t see it having a lot of impact on the main story yet.

Should you buy it: Only if you think you’re going to keep reading these guys after the summer.

Armor Wars #2

What happened:  The setting of Technopolis gets more explanation: there’s an infection such that all the citizens will wither and die if they don’t wear Iron Man-style armor, but Spyder-Man found out where the infection came from, and he was murdered for it. As War Machine and Dr. Druid begin an autopsy, Tony Stark’s evil brother Arno and Wilson Fisk (the Kingpin) send an assassin (Stingray) after Spyder-Man’s girlfriend.

Was it good:  Well, it’s less confusing and boring than the first issue, but I still wouldn’t call it good.

Is it necessary: No.

Should you buy it: Oh, gosh, no. This is one of the only bad books Secret Wars has put out so far.

Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #2

What happened:  Deadpool continues to play through the parts of the 1984 Secret Wars like when the X-Men were going to join Magneto or when the Hulk had to lift up a mountain to save the day. Man, that series was dumb.

Was it good:  This series is so funny and self-aware, everything the original miniseries wasn’t.

Is it necessary: No. Wrong crossover.

Should you buy it: No, I’m not recommending any of the comedy books if you’re trying to budget for the main story.


Ms. Marvel #16 (Last Days)

What happened:  The Incursion is happening in Manhattan, sending scared people across the river, so Kamala Khan organizes shelters and protection in Jersey City. As she prepares to jump into the fight in New York, Carol Danvers introduces herself.

Was it good:  The book started strong, and this is the best issue yet.

Is it necessary: No, the Last Days titles have been irrelevant to the Incursion issue of Secret Wars.

Should you buy it: Only if you’re reading Ms. Marvel (though I have to ask, if not, why aren’t you? It’s amazing.)


Magneto #19 (Last Days)

What happened:  To better fight the Incursion, Magneto gets juiced up on a lot of Mutant Growth Hormone, Kick, and some tech from the Sugar Man. He’s astoundingly overpowered but risks an aneurysm.

Was it good:  Very good. The visual impact of the power boost is stunning, and the tension of his obsession moves the book’s themes of revenge and moral ambiguity forward.

Is it necessary: Nope. That Earth has absolutely blown up a month ago.

Should you buy it: Not unless you’ve been reading Magneto.

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