Jurassic World Breaks Another Record, Beats The Avengers To $400 Million


Maybe it really is a Jurassic World after all. Sorry, couldn’t help that one. But with the movie continuing to rampage at the box office and break new records, most of which used to belong to The Avengers, it’s hard to come to any other conclusion.

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Deadline says that Jurassic World has racked up at least $403 million through Sunday, meaning that it crossed the $400 million mark in the U.S. in just 10 days. That’s the fastest time to that much revenue ever, beating out — yep, you guessed it — The Avengers, which needed two whole weeks to accomplish the feat three years ago.

Estimates also have Jurassic World making somewhere around $108 million for the weekend, which would give it the biggest second weekend in U.S. box office history. The Avengers used to hold that mark too at $103.1 million. To put that total in perspective, only Avengers: Age of Ultron, Furious 7 and Jurassic World itself have had opening weekends of over $100 million this year, so to bring in those kinds of ticket sales for a second weekend is really remarkable.

How high can Jurassic World climb? Well, once the Sunday ticket sales are finalized, it should already be in the top 20 all time, bumping out Frozen and possibly edging past the original Jurassic Park (in just 10 days … think about that). Even a 60 percent drop in its third week would move it into the top 10 of all time, and that’s where things get interesting. We could be talking about it taking aim at iconic movies like Star Wars and the two leading comic book films, The Dark Knight and The Avengers, two weeks from now.

The Avengers still has a healthy lead with its $623.4 million final domestic haul, but it’s looking less secure with each day. So far dinosaurs have proven to be more irresistible than super heroes, and this story very well might end up with the dinos on top.

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