Legends Of Tomorrow Star Shoots Down Hawkgirl Solo Series Rumors


Those rumors about a Hawkgirl solo series in the “early stages of development” that popped up this weekend? Those are apparently false, according to Hawkgirl herself.

Ciara Renee, who will star as Kendra Saunders/Hawkgirl in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, decided to debunk the speculation herself. As a side note, what did we do in the time before Twitter?

It did seem a bit strange that anyone would be chomping at the bit to develop another spinoff before the world even got a chance to see Hawkgirl in action, but the superb performance of DC super hero shows on The CW and the speed at which other networks ans cable channels are developing similar fare made it somewhat plausible at the same time.

Fear not, though, because fans will no doubt see plenty of the Winged Wonder when DC’s Legends of Tomorrow hits our TVs in early 2016. And who knows? This could be one of those rumors that turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy at some point. Just not right now.

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