Spider-Gwen Returns After Secret Wars With Latour, Rodriguez


Most of the All-New, All-Different Marvel announcements so far have focused on new titles, new creative teams, new settings or some combination of those three ingredients. Not so for the Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman, who will return after Secret Wars in a new Spider-Gwen series by the same men who brought her to life before. Most surprisingly, she’ll even be in the same world she inhabited before.

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IGN got to break the news today, including the startling reveal from writer Jason Latour (reuniting with artist Robbi Rodriguez) that Gwen would return to protecting the New York City of her own Earth.

"The main focus of our first arc is on Gwen Stacy’s continuing adventures within her own universe (Earth 65), it’s pretty essential to who this Gwen Stacy is to have her own supporting cast and villains and problems. But Spider-Gwen was born out of a multiversal crossover event so the opportunity to hop around has always been present and honestly is just too fun to resist. So yeah, bouncing over to the 616 now and then is something we’re eager to explore too."

The reason that’s such a big deal is that it was assumed that Secret Wars would do away with the concept of a Marvel multiverse, and that the new, mainstream Marvel Universe would be an amalgamation of previous realities, now combined into one. Obviously, there will still be alternate Earths and a way to travel between them.

Latour and editor Nick Lowe suggested that readers can expect Spider-Gwen to explore the Lizard formula, which is still around, more of the back story behind her world’s Peter Parker, and maybe even Gwenom. Also, there might be some guys who look like the Osborns in the series.

Sounds like plenty to anticipate. We’ll have more on when we can expect Spider-Gwen #1 as soon as Marvel lets us all know.

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