Agents Of SHIELD: What Secret Is Skye Keeping In Season 3?


You’d figure that having superhuman powers would be enough of a secret for Skye, who managed to keep them hidden for at least a few episodes in Season 2 of Agents of SHIELD (with some help from Fitz, of all people). Yet both her vibratory gifts and her Inhuman heritage eventually were revealed, becoming major plot points this past spring. But what if she’s got an ever bigger secret in store for Season 3?

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It looks like that might actually be the case, at least according to the official Agents of SHIELD Instagram account.

Despite the directions to adjust the brightness, it’s pretty easy to read what the message says without any digital trickery (unless this is one of those weird dress color things again): “Can you keep a secret?”

Comic Book Resources thinks this might be a comic book reference to Secret Warriors, a series that featured Daisy Johnson and other super-powered SHIELD agents under the leadership of Nick Fury. This seems like a pretty good guess since Phil Coulson wants Skye to put together something very similar on Agents of SHIELD, and because the comics were promoted with similar hidden messages.

There’s another element here though, and that’s the hint which references “Skye’s hactivist organization,” the Rising Tide. Maybe Skye is going to use her former computer pals in her quest somehow. Considering she was on the trail of people who Hydra was enhancing in Season 1, it’s not out of the question that any Rising Tide believers still out there would still be keeping tabs on people with special abilities.

It’s food for thought, though given the way some of her SHIELD teammates treated her last season, maybe all the message means is that she has to keep her super squad to herself. What, you didn’t think the team was just going to have everything out in the open, even after what they went through in Season 2, did you?

We won’t know until Agents of SHIELD returns to ABC on Tuesday, September 29, but I wouldn’t be shocked if Marvel decides to hit us with a few more “hidden” messages before then.

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