Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Character Review: Lincoln


Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD’s second season can almost be thought of as two separate seasons. The first half covered the deterioration of Hydra and Coulson’s psyche, ending with a huge bang — or, if you will, shake. The second half covered the discovery of the Inhumans and superpowered people.

Because there’s been so much character development this season (and since we have the time to kill), let’s dive in and take a trip down Agents of SHIELD memory lane, character by character.

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The Positive: Much like Gordon, Raina, and Jiaying, Lincoln was one of the few fleshed-out Inhumans of this season. He had some of the cooler powers, manipulating electric currents, though it kind of reminded me of Jubilee from X-Men (though technically hers are energy plasmoids amongst other things … I digress).

But seriously, he freaking floated Skye with his electricity! How cool is that?! Granted, he did undercut it by saying, “The sky’s the limit,” but it was awesome while it lasted. He was one of the first people to truly believe in Skye and give her a bit of confidence. He confided in her that he nearly burned Afterlife to the ground when he first arrived, and that put Skye a little more at ease. Lincoln was also the first one to discover Raina’s true powers of clairvoyance. He seemed to be an ambassador of people embracing their new powers.

Despite initially siding with the Inhumans in the battle against SHIELD, he came around to Skye’s side of things and realized that their great leader Jiaying was super corrupted and pretty evil. Unlike Gordon, he didn’t become a caricature of himself and actually digested things before he made a decision and blindly followed. You could see his change of heart throughout the entire season finale, weighing his options and finally deciding on going against his own people.

And I just discovered his last name is Campbell! That’s a positive thing, right?

The Negative: Lincoln started as yet another stock good-looking character that a handful of viewers may have known from The Tomorrow People. While he came with a bit more personality than others before him, Agents of SHIELD made it pretty obvious that he was going to be a love interest for Skye.

While that hasn’t come to fruition (yet!), it made him kick off his tenure as another one-note character, just with a side of electricity.

Next Season: Lincoln has been bumped up to a series regular! After siding against his own people, it’s easy to say he will probably be the first recruit for Skye’s new superpowered team.

Has anything actually been said about what happened with Afterlife after the SHIELD versus Inhumans battle that was then taken to the sea? What if Skye sets Lincoln up as her recruiter and starts recruiting other Inhumans who have already been through Terrigenesis? Having his hand in helping his people again would lead to a much richer character, and definitely set up for that romance arc that’s just waiting to happen.

Just give him some back story and I’m sold!

Where He Started: B-
Where He Ended: B
Overall Grade: B-/B. A slow start led to some big decision-making for his character that could lead to a much more solid season three arc.

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