New Era Ant-Man Hats Swarm Into Stores


With less than a month to go before our multiplexes greet another Marvel Cinematic Universe presentation, it’s time to turn up the merchandising heat. For New Era, that means hats designed to get you in the mood for Ant-Man — unless, like me, you have a large head and require a fitted hat larger that 7 1/2, in which case, not so much. Fitted cap gods, why do you abandon me?

Sorry about that mini rant. Unlike the larger collections for movies like the Avengers flicks, New Era is keeping this one appropriately small. For you “money is no object” types, there’s the Ant-Man Character Armor 59FIFTY fitted hat (pictured above), which retails for $54.99 and is a spitting image for Ant-Man’s helmet. It’s made of 100 percent polyurethane and also features an Ant-Man graphic on the underside of the brim.

Next up is my personal favorite, though again, it does me no good since it isn’t being offered in my size. This is the Ant-Man Ant All Over 59FIFTY fitted, an all black cap that has a sublimated print of ants crawling over the whole thing. Cool but somewhat creepy at the same time. It has the Ant-Man movie logo embroidered in red on the front, the Marvel logo in back and a picture of Scott Lang riding an ant under the brim.

Last but not least is a hat I could actually wear, the Ant-Man Sub Logo 9FIFTY snapback. Obviously, the focus is on the large, 3D embroidered logo on the front, though the back also has a nice feature that makes it look like ants are crawling around the red trim that borders the cut-out. It’s also the cheapest of the three caps at $27.99.

You can grab these hats directly from New Era online or from retailers like Lids, and if you order one now, you should get it in plenty of time to rock it during an opening weekend showing on or around July 17.

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