Ultimate Spider-Man creator Brian Michael Bendis defends Stan Lee


A lot of people are talking about Stan Lee’s comments regarding Tom Holland’s casting as Spider-Man and the fact that many people were disappointed we were getting ‘another’ white Spider-Man. Many met Lee’s comments with a heavy dose of criticism, perhaps not helped by Sony’s leaked email staunchly stating that Peter Parker must be white and heterosexual.

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It’s one thing for a film studio to be close minded when it comes to casting for an actor and it’s another thing for an aged comic book icon wanting a beloved character he helped create to remain the same, and that’s probably what Ultimate Spider-Man co-creator Brian Michael Bendis might have been thinking when he posted this blog post in defense of Stan Lee’s comments.

"I’m pretty sure everyone’s probably been asking you the same thing, but what’s your opinion on Stan Lee saying he thinks Spider-Man should stay white and straight?"

"stan is the man and he is entitled to say whatever he wants…like…http://www.express.co.uk/news/showbiz/63447/Stan-Lee-wants-to-make-Will-Smith-a-black-Captain-Americaor…http://splashpage.mtv.com/2010/06/09/stan-lee-donald-glover-spider-man-casting-campaign/"

As you can see, Bendis who has followed in Lee’s footsteps by creating an iconic Spider-Man character (Miles Morales) is clearly suggesting that Lee is not a close-minded bigot, as some people are suggesting, but is in fact an advocate for positive and progressive change.

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