Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ Theatrical Trailer Debuts


The English dub of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ is going to have its world premiere during Anime Expo with a theatrical release in North America in early August. But if all you want is a sneak peek of the 15th Dragon Ball animated feature, all you have to do is scroll down a little bit in this very post.

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As you can see in the theatrical trailer released this week by FUNimation, Resurrection ‘F’ centers on the return of a classic Dragon Ball Z villain, Frieza (or Freeza, as translated from the original Japanese). Not only has he brought along enough help to battle Goku and his allies that they look like a swarm of insects during their initial assault, he’s also figured out a way to evolve into an even more powerful final form … meaning his previous final form really wasn’t so final, I guess.

One other thing I enjoy is that the character who wishes for Frieza to be restored to life is named Sorbet. That doesn’t sound all that menacing, but considering it’s his wish that restores one of the most formidable foes in the entire series to life, I guess he’s more dangerous than he might first appear.

In any case, if you’ve been waiting to see the English dub, this trailer will no doubt have you even more excited.

(via The Fandom Post)

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