Jurassic World Passes Avengers: Age Of Ultron As Top-Grossing Movie Of 2015


Jurassic World has now officially conquered all other 2015 movies, at least at the box office.

After a third straight weekend where it finished number one domestically, barely holding off Inside Out for that honor, Jurassic World is now past the $500 million mark in the U.S. That allowed it to easily outdistance Avengers: Age of Ultron — still in theaters but sitting at $452.4 million total — as the top-grossing movie for 2015.

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Passing a half billion dollars puts Jurassic World in rare company when it comes to domestic box office hauls. It’s only the fifth movie to pull off that accomplishment, following two James Cameron movies and two super hero flicks. Two more weeks at its current trajectory will most likely allow it to pass The Dark Knight for fourth all-time, and while beating The Avengers and Titanic will be a bit trickier since both of those movies topped $600 million, Jurassic World‘s pace through three weeks has it ahead of where it needs to be to do so.

The runaway success of Jurassic World could also be good news for the movie industry as a whole, which could be positioned for a record year. The 2014 movies failed to bring in as much revenue as the slate from the year before, but already, three movies have beaten the top 2014 earner, American Sniper. With more summer movies still to come, including Marvel’s Ant-Man, along with guaranteed money-makers like the final Hunger Games plus new Star Wars and James Bond movies coming this holiday season, 2015 could see the total American box office gross top $11 billion for the first time.

If it does so, super heroes will have done their part, but dinosaurs (and possibly Jedi) will earn even more of the thanks.

(all box office data via Box Office Mojo)

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