Watch Arrow’s Stephen Amell Hit A Batting Practice Home Run


Fans of Arrow know that Oliver Queen has a lot of different skills. Most of them involve putting the hurting on bad guys in Starling City, but now we can apparently add putting a hurting on a baseball as well.

Ah, there I go confusing the character with the actor who plays him again. It was actually Stephen Amell who showed off his hitting skills in batting practice with his hometown Toronto Blue Jays earlier today, and as you can see in the video below (tweeted from the Blue Jays’ official Twitter account), he managed to put one into the seats.

Amell is a fan of all the Toronto teams, so this must have been an especially cool moment for him. As a matter of fact, you can hear someone ask him right before he takes his cuts, “Man you living out a dream now or what?” The actor simply exhales deeply and replies, “Oh God!”

If any Major League Baseball team is looking for some additional right-handed power, you might want to give Amell a call. Meanwhile, we like to think that Oliver could also tee off on pitches in the strike zone if he chose to focus on athletics instead of crime-fighting.

And hey, as of the end of Season 3 of Arrow, Queen isn’t doing much except relaxing with Felicity Smoak, so he’s available. Anyone know if Starling City has a baseball team?

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