7 Spider-Man Villains We’d Like To See In The New Movie

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7. Morlun

Pros: A truly formidable opponent, one who has pushed Spider-Man to his very limits on more than one occasion. Morlun can match or exceed Peter Parker in terms of strength and durability, forcing our hero to use his head not only to come out on top, but just to stay alive, given that this guy can drain the life force right out of him. Morlun’s serious nature could be a draw for more accomplished actors, as he’s not as overtly “comic booky” as some other super villains. His costume would play pretty much as is on the big screen, giving him the appearance of an eternal evil. And he’s almost like a vampire. People still like them … right?

Cons: Maybe a little too powerful for Spidey to take on this early in his super hero career, and probably too dark for the tone Sony and Marvel will likely attempt. Morlun also knows things about the true nature of Spider-Man’s powers and how they connect to the other similar heroes throughout the multiverse. We already know Marvel loves things connected, but there doesn’t need to be that much thrown at audiences this early in the MCU era. He’s strictly a 21st century creation, so he doesn’t have much name value to longtime spider-fans. We’d still love to see Morlum at some point, but he’s probably best served waiting for a sequel or two before he comes to call.

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