7 Spider-Man Villains We’d Like To See In The New Movie

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6. Scorpion

Pros: Always good for a fun tussle with Spidey thanks to his strength, speed and of course, that tail. Though his outfit has changed quite a few times over the years, he’d offer visual appeal as a movie villain, and would be fun for the designers. If you didn’t want to go the armored suit route, it’s always possible to make him more like the Lizard or Spider-Man himself and give him the natural abilities of a Scorpion. That’s not the way I’d personally go, but it’s certainly an option.

Cons: While Marvel Cinematic Universe movies don’t do straight comic adaptations, they usually at least adopt elements from definitive stories starring the same characters. I’m not sure any but the most die-hard Spider-Man fanatics could name one for Scorpion. Add in the fact that Mac Gargan isn’t really the brightest bulb in Spidey’s rogues gallery and it’s possible there just isn’t enough to him to serve as the reboot’s Big Bad. Now if he was the muscle for a more cerebral villain, you might have something.

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