7 Spider-Man Villains We’d Like To See In The New Movie

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1. Kraven

Pros: Like Vulture, Kraven is a great choice to challenge Spider-Man early on in his career, before he’s got more of a knack for how best to use his powers. In the MCU, where super powers are still relatively rare (though obviously getting more common all the time), a famous big game hunter looking to challenge himself against a freak of science and/or nature makes sense. Kraven is also more cerebral than people might suspect, capable of elaborate plots and traps. He’d be great fun to play for any actor, and his sense of honor is something that is present in many great film villains, not just the comic book variety.

Cons: Not many to speak of, except for the fact that his most famous storyline (“Kraven’s Last Hunt,” which I highly recommend if you’ve never read it) is way too dark for a movie looking for a John Hughes tone in its Peter Parker moments. Kraven’s animal face vest would probably anger people if it was brought to the screen as is, but at least it would signify that he’s a bad guy just by looking at him.

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