All of the All-New, All-Different Spider-Comics Revealed!


A week ago I wrote about every Post Secret Wars Spider-Comics announced thus far, and Marvel has added to that list with the newly announced 45 comics of the All-New, All-Different Marvel Comic Universe. Let’s take a look at all of the announced Spider-Comics, and all the implications the covers seem to reveal.

Whereas it was revealed that Miles Morales would be the Spider-Man of the new universe, we should have never doubted the return of the one and only Peter Parker in the Amazing Spider-Man #1. With the tag line, your friendly neighborhood just got bigger (which it really did with the addition of the multiverse characters), the new title shows off a brand new suit design, complete with the old web attached to the arm design and a greenish glow to the eyes and spider symbol. Other things of note is the spider-mobile Peter seems to be driving in the bottom right corner, a Parker Industries skyscraper, and Peter smirking with a girl on each arm -what happened to renewing your vows Pete?

sp5 /

Looks like Peter isn’t the only Spidey to get a costume change, as Miguel O’Hara seems to have donned some new duds in

Spider-Man 2099 #1.

As you can see below he’s switched out his mostly blue and red costume for a sleek, silver-grey/black costume with a neon-like trim. From the background we see that he’s still back in his time, and Alchemax is still as prominent as ever.

sp9 /

Returning alongside Spider-Gwen, another female “Spidey” with a different name is swinging back into a solo series:

Silk #1.

My favorite new Spider-Character seems to have changed her tune, judging from the tagline

Sinister Silk

. Throw in the fact that she appears to be robbing a bank, holding a sack of cash, and tying up two unconscious cops all at once, and one wouldn’t be surprised if she was secretly inverted during the Axis event all along. It’ll be interesting to see what caused this scene. If you think the cover art looks reminiscent of the Disney short Paperman, that’s because Helen Chen worked on the short as her first big project at Disney!

sp7 /

Rounding out the female cast of the Spider-Comic Verse, is Jessica Drew in

Spider-Woman #1.

If you didn’t notice immediately, Jessica will join friend and other Jessica (Jessica Jones) in being a mother, as she is very pregnant on the cover. The tagline parent by day, hero by night is very telling, but I’m not sure how they’ll portray her fighting crime while in her second trimester… but if anyone can do it, it might well be the Spider-Woman.

sp10 /

Fresh off both Spider-Verses is the team that gathered during the Secret Wars… the

Web Warriors (#1).

Keeping the roster from the current Secret Wars run of Spider-Verse,

reviewed by us here

, the Web Warriors are back and continuing their task of defending the Spider-Verse.

sp14 /

Knowing that Miles Morales will be swinging with the All-New, All-Different Avengers, this left Peter Parker available to rejoin Steve Rogers as an Avenger in

The Uncanny Avengers #1.

The most important thing that we should take away from the cover to the new series and team, is the fact that the Amazing Spider-Man and Deadpool will finally be spending some quality time together as team mates. Now that is something to look forward to.

sp11 /

Flash Thompson will be back as a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, in space, but he’ll also break off from the team (now led by Rocket Raccoon) from time to time for some solo adventures in

Venom Spaceknight #1,

in space. He’s sporting his new look and hanging out with aliens, in space. If you like Venom, and you like space, this is your book.

sp12 /

Venom’s offspring will be making a return after a bit of a hiatus, with

Carnage #1.

Looking as menacing as ever and eating what seems to be an underground mine shaft, any time Carnage returns people are bound to get hurt, and bad times will be had. Look forward to the carnage, pun intended, and remind yourself why this symbiote is the most savage.

sp6 /

And there we have it true believers, there are plenty of Spider-Comics to look forward to in the new Marvel Universe, so take out your wallets web warriors and prepare yourself. This is gonna hurt (my finances), but it is truly a good time to be a Spider-Fan. Until next time, I’ll be waiting for more Spider-Man news.