‘Batman v Superman’ Lego Set to Debut at SDCC!


One of the great things about Comic-Con International in San Diego is the way some big companies use it to preview or tease geeky things directly to their audience. Some feel like it’s cheap or exploitative, and that’s possible. But sometimes they show us things we really, really want to see and make us yell ‘take my money’. For many, this is likely one of them.

LEGO is going to display the first Batman v Superman playset on the floor at SDCC! Check out the Batman and Batmobile set:

According to the Wall Street Journal the set includes:

"306 pieces, two ‘stud shooters’ and opening doors, a new Batman outfit deco, two additional unnamed characters and an additional vehicle."

I also have to say that it’s a sign of the times that the Wall Street Journal is breaking stories about LEGOs at Comic-Con. The Geek truly have inherited the Earth.

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