How Much ‘Batman v Superman’ will WB Show at SDCC?


We’ve been telling you for a while that WB and DC are going to have a golden opportunity to plug their upcoming slate of DC films at Comic-Con, especially since Marvel is skipping Hall H for D23. We already know there will be a ton attention payed to Batman v Superman and likely Suicide Squad, but just how much of the WB panel will be DC focused?

Well, WB Pictures announced today that they will begin with a presentation of upcoming films Pan with Hugh Jackman and The Man from UNCLE reboot starring Henry Cavill. If I had to guess, I’d say we won’t get more than 10 mins with either, Cavill will keep his seat, and then Zack Snyder will bring out Ben Affleck, Amy Adams, Jesse Eisenberg, Jeremy Irons, Holly Hunter and perhaps a few surprise guests. We’ve been promised the panel will include an ‘exclusive look at footage’, which will likely not be seen again till the film’s premiere.

Sue Kroll, who is President of Worldwide Marketing and International Distribution for WB was quoted as saying:

"Comic-Con provides us a fantastic opportunity to interact with the fans and this year, as with every year, our aim is to surpass their expectations. We’re also thrilled to give our filmmakers and talent a chance to experience the unique energy and enthusiasm of Comic-Con."

That means they will take an approach similar to last year when they melted audiences brains with the teaser trailer of Batman v Superman. Once again, we will be in the ground at SDCC to bring you all the news and scoops as they happen!

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