One Direction Batman Parody Is Amazing


I’m a pretty big fan of parody group KFace TV. The parody group has done rather ingenious mashups of nerd culture and pop songs such as Dark Lord Funk, Talk Nerdy To Me & Zelda Jiggle. Now They have combined Batman & pop band One Direction in yet another brilliant mashup.

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Dark Knight Changes is a parody of One Direction’s Night Changes. In the video, Batman’s villains complain about how the dude who is playing Batman always seems to constantly be changing over the years. Of course, it seems to completely ignore the fact that we’ve also seen countless versions of various Batman villains over the years, but the concept still works (there’s even a clever nod to One Direction band member Zayn’s leaving the group). Check out the video below:

This video definitely makes me appreciate One Direction in a whole new light. Be sure to check out KFace’s other videos which I posted links to above and hopefully they’ll do another Batman (or maybe at least Justice League) related video so I have an excuse to feature them on this site again.

h/t MTV

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