7 Big Questions About The All-New All-Different Marvel Lineup

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Who is the father of Jessica Drew’s child?

It’s hard to imagine a less likely female super hero to play mom and Avenger than Jessica Drew. Before fans of the character start throwing things, I’m not saying she couldn’t be a great mother, she just doesn’t seem like the type to dream of settling down and raising a family.

I also could be completely talking out of my rear end as I wasn’t reading the Spider-Woman book that spun out of Spider-Verse, but I don’t recall Jess having a steady man in her life. Again, eight months are supposed to pass between the end of Secret Wars and the beginning of these titles, so … Maybe she has a “thank goodness reality still exists, let’s have a celebratory fling” type of deal. I’d say the euphoria over there still being a universe is a better reason than most for a random hook-up.

Or maybe I’ve got this all wrong and Jessica finds true love right after the event. We’ll have to wait and see. As with other parts of All-New All-Different Marvel, fans appear divided on this development, with a few taking to Twitter and message boards thinking that even this image alone was ridiculous.

I’d use a different word: provocative. As in it’s pure meaning, which is to stir up some kind of reaction from the viewer. This is one teaser image that could have worked just fine without the tag line. Spider-Woman is pregnant. Very pregnant. And she’s going to have this baby soon, which is going to complicate her life.

Hey, at least she can ask Jessica Jones for parenting advice.

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