Comic-Con International To Stay In San Diego Through 2018


Comic-Con International is so synonymous with the city that hosts it that many people simply refer to it as San Diego Comic-Con. Still, that doesn’t mean that it has to be held there, but at least the companies who exhibit there and the fans who attend it can rest secure in the knowledge that it will remain in San Diego for the next three years.

That news came first from San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, who announced it on Twitter:

“Was there even a possibility of Comic-Con moving elsewhere?” you might ask. We speculated on just that very topic after SDCC 2014, and while it seemed unlikely, there were issues that the convention and the city needed to work out, including convention center space and hotel room availability. There’s virtually no way it would ever leave the West Coast, simply because so much of the entertainment industry is already there (and since DC relocated, one of the biggest comics publishers too), but Anaheim and L.A. did loom as possibilities.

Variety says that both cities were being “strongly” considered as potential homes for Comic-Con, but that’s not an issue for at least three more years. Get ready to keep visiting San Diego every July, and let’s hope the facilities can keep up with the monster that will continue to be SDCC.

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