Marvel Collector Corps Apologizes For Service Issues


It’s never any fun when you plunk down your hard-earned money for comic book or super hero collectibles and they turn out to be less than what you thought you’d get. Whether it’s dissatisfaction with the product or the service behind it, what you want most is some sign that the company responsible is listening and intent on fixing whatever is wrong. To its credit, that’s what Marvel Collector Corps did today.

In a message posted on the official Marvel Collector Corps blog, the subscription service started by Marvel and Funko issued an apology for customers who had problems with the June, Ant-Man-themed box.

"We know that some of you have had issues with your June boxes, and for that, we apologize. While we’re excited that we have thousands of satisfied and happy customers out there, we’re here to tell you that customer issues and complaints aren’t being ignored. The truth is, we’re all working very hard on fixing the shipping and billing issues that have affected certain customers. It may seem like we’re taking our time, but we’re extremely focused on getting the right systems in place to make sure we don’t have recurrences of these issues again with future boxes. We hear every single concern, we read every single email, and we will ultimately get back to every single customer service request. We’re putting processes in place to be more expedient in this regard, as we know it’s frustrating when you don’t have your box or have a billing issue that requires immediate attention."

Bam Smack Pow hasn’t had any major problems with the service over its first two shipments (Note: BSP pays for its boxes and does not receive free shipments from Collector Corps for its reviews.). The April Age of Ultron box was slow getting to us, not arriving until the first week of May, but Collector Corps seemed pretty open about the fact that it was shipping boxes according to when the orders came in, and as we were not early adopters, it made sense that we would be waiting a bit.

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Our June box arrived more quickly, with the only issue being that the Pop! Vinyl figure’s box showed some slight damage that made it difficult to stand flat. We’re guessing others experienced similar or worse situations based on the end of the Collector Corps apology.

"TL/DR – we know we still need to do better. We’re making a lot of changes on the back-end that should make future billing/shipping cycles go more smoothly, and also investigating better ways to pack our Pop! vinyl. We think you’ll be pleased."

Anecdotally, we’ve also talked to some fellow subscribers who have seen weird billing info when checking their accounts, including one man who says he should be billed per shipment but said his account isn’t showing another payment due until December, but it’s hard to tell from the ground how widespread these occurrences might be.

These are just words until they’re backed by action, but it is nice to know that Collector Corps recognizes the fact that its launch might not have been ideal for all customers and is attempting to correct what’s not right. Hopefully it won’t need to do more apologies and that a promising service reaches its full potential in terms of customer satisfaction as well as great collectibles.

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