Top 10 Underrated American Patriotic Super Heroes

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Let’s face it: we’re just plain lucky to be Americans. Why? Because we have, without a doubt, the greatest collection of patriotic super heroes in the entire world, and it’s not even close. Comic book creators have proven themselves unable to resist coming up with characters dressed up in the stars and stripes, a trend that has lasted from the 1930s all the way to today.

But while anyone can sit down and type out an ode to Captain America on Independence Day, we wanted to shine the spotlight (or at least the glow from some sparklers) on some of the American-themed heroes who haven’t received as much attention as they deserved. No doubt the people who came up with them had hopes that they’d someday take their place alongside Steve Rogers in the pantheon of iconic characters, but none of these 10 quite made it there.

So grill another hot dog for these men and women, and join us as we salute the top 10 underrated American patriotic super heroes.

10. Major Victory

This guy gets the bottom spot on the list because he wasn’t exactly a hero all the time. This DC comics creation also embodied the “‘Merica” stereotype long before that was an actual thing, making his debut in a Batman and the Outsiders annual back in 1984.

William Vickers was the first man to take on the code name of Major Victory, and he certainly was guided by a serious sense of patriotism, even if it was often misplaced. He looked the part of an American hero in terms of physique, though his powers of strength, flight and energy blasts (in U.S.-approved colors!) came from his costume.

And those teams he led: the Force of July! Freedom’s Ring! Alas, Vickers found that even keeping America in a special place in your heart is no defense against the evil of Eclipso, and he was killed in action.

Nevertheless, DC never lets the Major Victory identity vacant for very long. Someone is always willing to suit up and do their duty, even if that sometimes means perpetuating some of the uglier American stereotypes while doing so. ‘Merica!

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